“ Doreen was truly instrumental in developing my book project. Her careful eye, her trained ear and her artistic instincts contributed valuable feedback. From my first call to see if she might be willing to edit my draft, I sensed her sensitivity and expertise. She was wonderfully supportive at all stages from submission to a publisher, through revisions, to final draft. Conversations were a treat. I highly recommend her as an editor and project manager." ( and friend!)

—Joan Stanford

I much admire the intelligence and push of the paragraph you suggest. I'll do something very much like it over the next days…I've taken your point, because it's rich and complex, and expanded it slightly.

—Dr. Lionel Tiger, Biological anthropologist; author; Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University; co-Research Director of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation; consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense on the future of biotechnology


You have always been a joy and we thank you for all the excellent work you have done for us—first at Robert Mondavi Winery for Luce and then at COPIA. We know you will always have much success in your endeavors!

—With love, Margrit and Bob Mondavi


Ms. Doreen Schmid worked with me very closely on editing the texts for this volume, which involved an interdisciplinary approach touching not only on architecture and urban design, but also on aesthetics, philosophy, fine arts in general (painting/photography, etc.) and literature. Her varied background in these subjects made our collaboration most rewarding and smooth. It is rare to meet a person such as Doreen, based on my long academic experience on four continents and some 25 universities over the past 30 years, that is equally conversant with mine. I have extended, as a result, invitations to continue to work together as the opportunity may arise.

—Dr. Livio Dimitriu, Architect; Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute; President USA Books; Senior International Editor Controspazio magazine and Architext magazine


Thank you for the extra time and attention you paid to editing dense and complex medical information and turning it into a palatable article for general readers.

—Dr. Bruce German, Professor of Food Science and Technology at UC Davis, CA; Chair of the International Life Science Institute’s European task force on Biomarkers for Functional Foods; Executive Committee member of the NIH’s Alternative Medicine and Clinical Nutrition Research Centers at UC Davis.


Ms. Schmid has played an integral role in the development of the mission and vision of COPIA as a cultural institution serving the public. She has served as an intellectual stimulant for other staff in areas of programs, exhibitions and research.

While Doreen was Editor of the COPIA bulletin, she conceptualized the issues, took on the research, sought the writers and presented their essays in a unique and emerging format. She also shepherded this publication through all of its logistical phases earning the respect of all those who interacted with her.

Rarely have I worked with an individual so dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic. Her departure from COPIA is a great loss to our continuing evolution as a unique and challenging cultural center.

—Peggy Loar, Former president/CEO, COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts; Acting Director, The Corcoran Gallery


Doreen is a force of nature; her keen and studied eye, her artistic sensibility, her blazing intellect are rare and true and well, simply astonishing.

—Carolyn M. Scott, Award-winning documentary filmmaker 

Doreen’s creativity is as evident in her short prose pieces as it is in her unerring critical editing on a wide array of subjects, from literary and artistic to philosophical.

—Dr. Victor Perera, Author; novelist; former lecturer at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and other academic institutions